Bundle Companies and Save on Marketing

Investing long-term in marketing for businesses can be a challenge

Budgeting, software, employees, and training can take a substantial amount of time for a business to invest in to ensure they are getting their money’s worth. Owners and/or management have a hard time measuring their return on investment. With the ever-changing world of media to generate leads, it is extremely difficult to keep up with what is effective in today’s market. Hiring employees can be expensive! For example, according to Indeed, the average Marketing Manager salary is nearly $60,000 per year. By the time a business invests in salary, training, and benefits, the overall cost of an employee can approach $80K/year. Indeed also states that the average length of employment for a marketing employee is 1-3 years which means that traction gained from your marketing efforts can have a setback during this transition.

This is why medMark Consultants and Delta Promotions Team is offering Bundled Services. You are essentially getting 2 companies with unique offerings for the price of one! medMark Consultants specializes in Digital Marketing programs and Delta Promotions Team specializes in offline marketing and advertising collateral. Our companies work together to provide a complete turnkey marketing and advertising program that promotes your business both online and offline through various means. We also focus on lowering your overall marketing budget by sourcing programs and products that are effective, allowing you to spend more of your money in areas that will generate more business! Our dedicated consultants also include outside and inside sales professionals with over 50 years of experience in sales processes which makes us unique. Both of our companies have small overhead which allows us to provide very affordable programs which will save your company significant money. Essentially, you are getting a marketing team and all supporting software for a small fraction of the price of a single employee.

Essentially you are getting a whole marketing team for one low monthly price:

  • Sales and Marketing Consulting
  • Social Media Manager
  • SEO Specialists
  • Graphic Designers
  • Advertising Manager
  • Photography
  • Search Engine Marketing Specialists
  • Content Writer
  • Promotional Specialist
  • Sponsorship team
  • All analytics and lead generation software

Bundled Services Starting at only $1500/month*!

Includes all services that medMark Consultants and Delta Promotions Team provide.

*The only additional fees would be the printing of final products or advertising such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads. All Graphic Design and Management of services included

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